An organized home is a happy home

An organized home is a happy home

Are you feeling demotivated when walking and looking around your house? Does it seem that day by day it is getting messier?

Do you look at your entrance and see many pairs of shoes scattered there?

Do you feel like you´ve reached the end of the line?

Don´t worry about it, because during this review we will give you simple tips of how keeping your house always organized and clean. If you are struggling to keep clutter at bay you will be an expert in organization after our clutter butting ideas! It more simple then you have imagined.

Footwear and coat

organized-homeLike mentioned above, the front door of your house is the place where you can start from. Kids and visits come in and out leaving a trail of shoes and coats.

To keep your floor clean and free from the dirt of people´s shoes you need to get a mat or a moveable supporting rack. There are different types you can use depending on how formal the entryway is.

Now, if your entryway doesn´t have a closet, it is no excuse for people throw their coats on your sofa! You can get a coat rack, hall threes and hooks and pegs to help corral coats.


umbrellas-at-houseRainy days tend to bring not only rain, but also a messy entryway. Everyone in the house has their own umbrella and no one gives much thought of what to do with them. To begin with, umbrellas need to be stored standing up.

Make sure to buy an umbrella stand which allows air circulation so it will dry quicker. And, if you just don´t have time to go shopping for an umbrella stand, you can use a wicker or a wire-mesh trash basket which will also work perfectly.


Are you tired of looking for your keys all over the house especially when you´re late? There are simple ways to find your keys whenever you need them. To begin with, choose a specific place to leave them.

You will find on the market different types and sizes of key hangers for you place them by the door. If you don´t want to waste money or just don´t have the time to look for these items, you can mount yourself a hook for the keys on the wall. Just make sure the hook or the hanger is in a place of easy access to everyone.

The couch and the bed

bed-organizedSome couches have so many things thrown on it that is almost impossible to find remotes or just sit down and relax. A couch with a lot of things on it such as pillows and blankets make it looks messy.

So make sure the couch area is free from unnecessary pillows and blankets; you´ll get a clean look and remotes will be easily found.

Do you have piles of boxes in your house and you don´t know what to do with them? Do you have a lot of books and dont know where put all of theme, know the other post that i write about Book Strair.  Your bed can be a great option. If you don´t have a solid platform bed, you will be able to storage anything you want (but organized) under it.

The space under a bed is expensive and versatile so don´t waste it use it wisely.

When the environment we live in is organized and clean, everything in our lives seems to work better.

The title of this article says everything and as you could see it is not a struggle to keep your house organized if you do it daily. We hope these tips help you to give the first steps to organize not only your house but also your life.

All you need to know about Bookcase staircase

All you need to know about Bookcase staircase

Is your house crowded with books and magazines and you don´t have a clue where to put them? Throwing them away is, of course, an awful solution, but it seems to have no space at all in your bedroom, living room, and you don´t to hide them in your basement.

Books and magazines are, for some people, a decoration item.

We feel proud of the books we´ve read an bought, and we don´t want to put them away like something useless; we want to show everyone the books we have and we want them to be part of our house.

But how could you manage to storage them in a way people see it as a decoration? That´s why we´d like to introduce you to the bookcase staircase.

What is a bookcase staircase?

It is not difficult to have an idea of what it is, but this solution to your home has more than one model. To begin with, you´ll need, obviously a stair, or space to have one. The main idea of this decoration furniture is to minimize the occupied space you would use to storage all books you have.

Resuming, the spaces in your stair will be used as bookshelves. But there are infinite ways you can place the books.

For example, if you have a double apartment and you want to connect two floors without loosing the back-storing capability of the cupboard, you can have an overtoom stair. It means you will have a regular stair and a bookshelf in the same furniture. It will add your home a little fun and the room will look wider and bigger than it actually is. Another option is a book-lined staircase.

There will be a stair, and instead of two walls, there will be books. In some case the stair´s steps will work as drawer for your books.

Sometimes we look around our house and we feel something is missing. There is a lack of creativity and modernity which makes the rooms boring and old-fashioned. These types of stairs will add fun and beauty to any home. The role of the staircase will be redefined when treating it as a bookcase; the environment will not only look, but it will be more organized and yours books will be there as decoration items and to remind you every day of they have taught you and all the things you´ve learned from them.

But how can I have a bookcase staircase in my house?

There are many companies and designers specialized in this type of furniture. It may seem something new, but a lot of people around the world have already embraced this idea for their homes and lofts.

If you search online you will find infinite designers which will make the staircase bookcase of your dreams. If you want a overtoom staircase and you live in Amsterdam, you can get in touch with Marc Koehler, or if you need a book-lined staircase you can take a look at Apartment Therapy or MiCasa.

This is more than just a piece furniture to decorate your home; this is a smart way to save some space and at the same time expose all your precious books. It is a way to put together two essential items in a home; a versatile stair and a bookcase. If you have your doubts about this, we recommend you go online and search for comments from people who already have bookcase staircases in their home. Contact a professional, expose your ideas and listening carefully to what he or she has to say. We wish you good luck!